Forgery Series - Dravite

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Find Me Riveting’s Forgery Series capitalizes on the malleability of the metal. Starting with a square rod and cold-forged into its final form, nothing has been taken away, save for the space carved out to house the featured stone. In this ring, I have used Dravite - a brown variety of tourmaline gemstones. Never heard of it? Yeah - it’s pretty uncommon!
Palladium White Gold is a nickel-free alloy, so no worries if you have skin reactions to nickel.

Details about this piece:

- 18kt Palladium White Gold (polished)

- 6x3mm Straight Baguette Dravite / Brown Tourmaline in a custom-made bar setting (one of the better things to happen in a bar setting!)

- Ring size 5

Remember, I’m a goldsmith, not a hand model :|