Photo of Owner/Jewellery Artist Steph Calvert

Steph Calvert, the mastermind behind FIND ME RIVETING
My design and creation process is exploratory and expressive, and I am a maker on a mission.

I often think back to a pair of shoes I had in high school. They weren’t fancy or expensive (I think I got them from a mass-market discount shoe retailer while on a family holiday in the USA), but whenever I wore them I felt a little bolder and more self-assured. 

I LOVED that feeling!

Have you ever had an article of clothing or a fresh haircut that made you feel like your presence was twice as large? That’s the feeling I want you to feel when you wear something I’ve made, whether you chose it yourself as a reflection of your personal style, or whether it was gifted to you by a loved one who saw something of you in it.

My mission is to design and create adornments of intrigue and anti-camouflage, to give you some agency in presenting more of the self you want to be. Sometimes we want to fade into the background unnoticed, and sometimes we want to command attention. When you’re ready to take on the world, my stockpile of weaponry in the fight against obscurity is ready and waiting for you.

If you are interested to see some of my prior projects, take a peek here.