Bonded Necklace

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This piece has multiple attachment styles - interlocking rings, the two-ply leaf pattern, and the diffusion bond between gold leaf and the silver backing. The 24kt gold leaf was applied using a traditional Korean technique of mechanical gilding called Keum Boo (meaning “attached gold”). The surface layer of sterling silver is depleted to bring up a layer of fine silver for the gold to be attached to by heat and pressure, creating a permanent bond.

The lowdown on this piece:

- Leaf-textured panel of Shibuichi (20% silver / 80% copper)

- Tapered sterling silver backing (20-24mm wide; 53mm tall), with dark patina

- 24kt gold leaf accent

- Sterling silver and 14kt gold-filled rings and custom clasp

- 1.0mm 16” snake chain with custom clasp